Director’s Word

I am philanthropist by nature I love to do this sort of things, to giving back to my community is something I like to do forever and impress other to join my effort. I really don’t know where my planet is going to be in five years to come But I hope to see my world is safe, full of opportunity, and enjoyable in years to come. Why don’t you decide to do a huge or small difference today? Give and receive will led you into good position even if in the time of your depression and frustration.

You know how? Because those who survive by your presence pray and wish you better every day. Simply guardian Angel is with you forever. I discovered these secrets back in 2013 when I started to give a small portion of my little loans when I was a university student. Two years later I founded an orphanage centre named Tabasamu Foundation Tanzania to help every need child.

As you know no one in the world can help everyone by himself/herself but rather one person can create family members, friends, groups, and impress them to help others through social projects. Today I have been helping a lot of needy community and children from my safari business and create sponsorship opportunity for Tabasamu orphanage, Shikabania School.

When you are booking with Usaka Serengeti, We wouldn’t regard you as a client but mostly as a Friend too because you are joining the efforts to help others. Would you like to help children on your way while doing safari in Tanzania? Follow this link or do you want to escalate your time in Tanzania for volunteering purpose after done with safari? Volunteering gives firsthand joining the efforts to help others and information about society, people, culture, and nature which you can’t have as a tourist. Please check this link and fill the form

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